2015 Lab Day

The 2015 Lab Day, held on Sunday 19 July, provided a wonderful opportunity for CIKA’s friends and supporters to see, at first hand, the work being done at the RCH and the MCRI, and supported by CIKA thanks to the generosity of so many tireless fundraisers. We are so grateful for your efforts which have been instrumental in ensuring that this important research can continue. It should be a matter of pride for everyone concerned.

The feedback from those who attended the event has been fantastic. For the staff involved it was a chance to convey their gratitude for CIKA’s support. The members of this dedicated team of researchers are so enthusiastic about the work that they are doing and always enjoy sharing their stories with the passionate people who enable it to happen. CIKA Vice President, Ellen Webb, summed it up as follows in her note to Rebecca Harford, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Development Manager:

“The current program, and framework around it, gives me confidence that the money raised is and will make a difference to children diagnosed with cancer.

“Our objective with CIKA is to raise money for cancer research, and see it applied to as many solid tumours as possible. We heard yesterday about how this is being done, through the tumour bank, clinical trials, and developments in personalized medicine.

“Another objective we have is to enable cutting edge research, that would otherwise not get done. Again, I heard inspiring stories on how this is happening now, and how it can continue into the future. 

“I was also very encouraged by the examples I heard of the collaboration being done with other institutions across Australia and the world, both through sharing your learnings with them, and drawing on their experience. 

“I also heard, as I have heard so many times before, how passionate and dedicated every person that works at MCRI is about what they are trying to achieve. This positive culture is enviable, and gives us confidence that our money is being invested wisely. I have worked in many different organizations, and the most successful were those that believed in what they were doing.” 

The CIKA team would like to extend thanks for the dedicated support that Phillip Johnson, Immediate Past District Governor of Lions District 201V2, has given to our team over the last year. Phillip has been interested in the research that CIKA has been funding for several years and when he was appointed District Governor he made a commitment to raise funds to purchase equipment for the CIKA Tissue Bank.

We are indebted to the many Lions Clubs in the District 201V2 for all the fundraising that was undertaken in the 2014-2015 year with an astonishing result of over $32,000 raised. This amount enabled the CIKA team to purchase a light cycler machine which was displayed at this year’s Lab Day, and to order, with expected delivery shortly, a new freezer to store tissue samples.

We would also like to recognize the great work that Lions Australia are doing to support research into childhood cancer. They have recently undertaken a review of all the areas related to this and are pushing hard to extend its range. You can read more about this on their website by clicking here.

Philip stands in front of the light cycler that the Lions’ donation helped to purchase.