Where Did All This Wool Come From?

CIKA was recently the beneficiary of the donation of a very large quantity of wool from a donor whose granddaughter was saved thanks to the skill and dedication of a doctor at the Albury Hospital and the team at the RCH.  Though this story does not relate to childhood cancer, it is another illustration of the amazing work done by our medical professionals.  We are very grateful to Victoria Coghill for the donation and for sharing her story.

Victoria’s Story
Saige was born 3 weeks early at 2.290kg; she spent 3 weeks in the nursery until she was able to feed and grow. She continued to struggle with gaining weight and had noisy breathing. Saige was seen by many doctors and paediatricians, and in June 2021 at 2 ½ years fell sick and was admitted to 3 hospitals with no answers, when a doctor from Albury hospital Dr David Clancy took one look at Saige and rang for the RCH Piper team for an airlift. Saige only had minutes to live, so within 8 minutes Saige was taken into surgery and was placed on a breathing respirator, then flown to The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Many hours were needed to stabilise Saige, and after working on Saige continuously over 3 days, RCH found that Saige had a birth defect called a Pulmonary artery sling. This is where the Pulmonary artery is in front of windpipe instead of behind constantly constricting the airway.

Saige is only alive today due to Dr Clancy’s quick thinking and the RCH doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly to ensure Saige’s survival and all the care that she received while she recovered in the months afterwards. Ongoing care is needed and maybe future operations and the Royal Children’s Hospital has supported us all the way.

Saige was given a hand knitted octopus when in ICU and it meant everything to her as she recovered in the ward. I am her grandmother, Victoria Coghill, and was on this journey with Saige; I wished to give back in some way. My Brother, Chris Vince and I have donated a substantial amount of wool collected over a life time by my mother Frances Vince. Saige is home now, age 3 and a half, with her 15 month old sister Aizel, mother Karen and Father Sandeep. Our family are forever grateful to the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.