Thank You Lennard Mulhallen

Lennard Mulhallen, father of our President, Sandra Lehrer, was a long-time resident of Nihill in the west of Victoria.  Better known to all as Len, he is remembered as a kind and generous man who, during his lifetime, was an enthusiastic CIKA supporter.  His generosity has extended beyond his ninety four years, as evidenced by his wish, made clear in his will, that Sandra and her sister ensure that part of his estate be distributed to good causes about which he was passionate.  CIKA was a major beneficiary which has resulted in the purchase of a liquid nitrogen tank by the Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank.

Louise Ludlow, the CCC Biobank Coordinator, provides further information on the use to which this tank is being put. “Generous funding from CIKA has allowed the purchase of a cryogenic unit to store patient samples required for standard of care molecular testing, samples required for participation in clinical trials and for storage of biological specimens as part of the Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank’s research. Tumour samples processed in the Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank need to be stored in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen which is minus 196°C. These ultra-cold temperatures preserve the vials of tumour material for decades or until a clinician or researcher requests them. This unit allows the storage of samples required for standard clinical care and ethically approved research projects including clinical trials and translational research projects. Tissue samples from cancer patients need to be stored indefinitely, samples can be retested as new knowledge and new technologies become available. These samples are invaluable and need to be stored appropriately.

Len’s story, which is one of two articles of particular interest to CIKA supporters, can be found on page 53 of the 2022/2023 edition of “The Impact of Giving” published by the RCH Foundation.  This publication makes interesting reading and acknowledges the support provided to the RCH and the MCRI by so many organisations and individuals in helping them to become world leaders in the fight against childhood cancer.  The other article can be found by clicking here.

The entire document can be found by clicking here.