Thank You – a New Centrifuge for the Biobank

Along with generous donations from friends of CIKA, some of the proceeds from the pop-up shop have been given to the centrifuge appeal allowing CIKA to reach the goal of $13,000 needed for the purchase of this important equipment item. Thank you everyone who donated to this appeal and, in particular, to Sala and her team. The shop was a great success and all the hard work definitely seems worth it when we can see such great results.

The centrifuge will be used in the processing of samples at the Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank. This is a valuable collection of biological samples such as tissue collected during surgery and blood and bone marrow. Health information and samples in the Biobank are given to scientists in Australia and around the world. Researchers rely on these types of samples and health information to make research discoveries and medical breakthroughs. They hope to find new ways to better prevent, detect and treat different conditions.