Tap and Go…

You would like to donate to CIKA 
but don’t have any small change to drop into one of our shaker tins? We know that this happens from time to time so we are trialling a new way of making a small donation to CIKA.

CIKA is proud to be selected as the organisation to support via tap and donate portals at two BP petrol stations: inbound on the Peninsula Link Freeway, outbound on the Princes Freeway at Officer.

Tap and Donate is an easy way to make a two dollar tax deductible donation to CIKA. Simply tap your Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card on the contactless payment donation point.

So far the trial is proving successful, so if you are passing either of these locations, why not drop in, fill up, or simply stop for a coffee, donate, and try out the system by donating $2 to CIKA? (Or 4, or 6 …)