Some Statistics

Mary McGowan, Community Liaison Manager at the Children’s Cancer Centre of the RCH, has provided the following statistics in relation to the work performed there.

Between 200 and 220 children are diagnosed with cancer in Victoria each year. **

Between 1,200 and 1,500 children are on active treatment each year. The length of treatment depends upon the protocol being adopted.

About 2,500 children are on active follow up post treatment each year.

Meanwhile, the Chlidren’s Cancer Centre continues its work towards finding cures for the many forms of cancer that afflict so many children worldwide. CIKA is proud to be supporting them in this work and grateful to the many people who make this support possible.

** Sadly this is an increase in the number reported when the CIKA website was first set up, but, happily, survival rates have increased significantly over the last forty years.