Run For The Kids

We are so fortunate to live in this magnificent city and even more fortunate to have the magnificent Royal Children’s hospital to care for our kids. Today Michelle, Brett, Harvey and Chantelle participated in the “Run for the Kids”. Although they were running with a team connected to Yarra Valley Grammar, in their hearts they were running for CIKA.

Michelle said it was a brilliant day. The vibe and spirit of competitors and onlookers was amazing. More than 22,000 competed.   Harvey ran a very good time of about twenty minutes for the 5.2 kilometres,  the best part being that he beat all of his teachers including his cross-country teacher! Michelle and Brett have been involved in CIKA for more than twenty years and Harvey and Chantelle have helped on Pam Phillip’s Easter stalls at The Pines several times.

Ready to run; Harvey, Michelle, Brett and Chantelle.