Research Report 2005 – Dendritic Studies

The Dendritic Studies programme was one of three research programmes reported in the CIKA winter newsletter for 2005 as beings being funded at that time. $120,000 was committed for 2004-2005 with a further $160,000 pledged for 2005-2006

The Dendritic Studies programme was carried out in the tumour laboratory at the RCH. Its purpose was to leverage results from earlier vaccine studies and determine why cancer patients become immunodeficient.

Expected Outcomes: Reduction of immunodeficiency will enable treatment protocols to be completed on schedule. Patients’ comfort will be increased due to better health, costs will be reduced through fewer hospital admissions.

CIKA Funding Commencement: 2003. (earlier funding of vaccine studies commenced in 1997.)

Expected Completion: 2006.

Milestones: NHMRC Funding in 2007. Development of mouse models.

Cancers targetted: Neuroblastoma, recurrent solid and brain tumours.

Achievements to date: Identified co-stimulation molecules. Research accepted and published in scientific journals.

The CIKA Newsletter for summer 2005 contained an interim report on the progress of this project.