RCH Auxiliary Cookbook

The RCH Auxiliaries held their annual general meeting at the hospital last Wednesday.  This event provided the ideal opportunity to release The Royal Children’s Hospital Auxiliaries Centenary Cookbook.  It is the result of the hard work of the Hospital’s Auxiliaries and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. Here is what The RCH Foundation Communications Team have written as part of the material promoting this worthwhile publication.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Cookbook is out now and available for $29.95 via the RCH Gratitude Hub online shop.

More than just a collection of recipes, this cookbook shares beautiful stories of friendship, family and love, and showcases what it means to be involved in the RCH Auxiliaries.

All money raised through the sale of this cookbook will be donated to the RCH by the Auxiliaries, so not only are you supporting sick children across Victoria and beyond, but you are also helping the RCH Auxiliaries continue their legacy for many more years to come.

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