Online Wood Days 2021

For a second year in a row the annual Old Time Wood Days became an online event in 2021.  This would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people who came together to make it a success.  In particular, we want to say a big thank you to Cindy Riddle who put together the online auction and to all the many folk who donated goods for this fundraiser.  As of today, the event has raised over $11,200 and donations are still coming in.

We are also deeply grateful to Darryl Melano of Heywood Ag Sales and Service Pty Ltd who, along with his partner Michelle, has been a very generous supporter of Wood Days for many years.  Their contributions to the success of this event are greatly appreciated.

Although we were not open to the public, a small group gathered together to share stories, bake and eat some damper, cut timber slabs and warm by the fire, which has always been a very popular aspect of the Wood Days over the years.  We can’t publish the multitude of tales that have been told on a Saturday night in front of the welcoming glow that has been enjoyed by so many.

Wood Days organisers, Christine and Andrew Duyvestyn, appreciate the many phone calls, emails and donations that they have received in support of the Wood Days this year.  They are a reflection of the enormous popularity of this event and we all look forward to being back together in person in 2022.  Knowing Christine and Andrew, they have probably started planning already!