More Support for CIKA

Danielle Levy has a big heart and is always trying to make people happy.  She has worked and prepared for her bat mitzvah in November and asked that, in memory of her uncle Simon, CIKA be the charity of choice as the recipient of donations for this special event in her life.

Danielle is the granddaughter of long term and very active CIKA members Fred and Leah Bergman who have instilled in all their grandchildren the value of giving back to the community.  She has grown up understanding the loss of Fred’s and Leah’s son Simon, her mother’s brother, the impact it has had on the family, and the passion that her family have had for supporting research into childhood cancer.

Her parents Judith and Marcel Levy have also supported CIKA for many years and are very proud of Danielle’s decision.

Would you like to support Danielle’s work for CIKA?

If you would like to make a donation via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer please visit our Danielle’s Donation page.