Lyn is One of Our Long-term CIKA Supporters

She is constantly on the lookout for new ways to raise dollars.  Over many years she worked on the stalls, helped with moving donated product, raised funds in her former workplace and, in addition to this, she is a fabulous knitter.  Throughout the year she is constantly responding to requests for bears to be dressed in footy team colours.  With this as her signature fundraiser and she has raised over $3,600 for CIKA.

Earlier this year Lyn decided to take up an Easter challenge and started knitting baby chicks that could, with an egg inside, be given as presents.  This fundraiser rapidly gathered momentum and before Lyn was knitting and shipping her chicks all over Australia.  To date, over a hundred have been sold and have raised over $550.

Lyn’s chicks were quickly sold out on CIKA’s RCH Easter stall.

Lyn is a kind and generous CIKA fundraiser; the length of her commitment to CIKA is a reflection of her determination to “Fund Research, Find A Cure”.