Knitting for CIKA

Hours and hours of knitting is done and donated to CIKA by Shirley Stanley from Dandenong South. Shirley has been knitting since she was a small child and is very very good at it. These photographs show a FEW of the jumpers and jackets she has knitted for the kids. Shirley loves playing bowls but still finds time to knit up a jumper every two days for the kids. The jumpers are a real attraction at the Trentham market very month.

Shirley buys all the wool and buttons out of her own money. Thank you Shirley, you are amazing.

This colourful jumper is typical of the quality of Shirley’s work.
More of Shirley’s beautiful knitwear.
Shirley is seen here with CIKA member Ruth Edelston (left) who sells Shirley’s beautiful knitwear on her CIKA stall at the Trentham market.