Fabulous Faye

We have recently recived an update for Faye Love on the work that she and her friends have been doing to support CIKA now that Faye is no longer to be seen behind the stalls at the RCH. Here is her report. Thank you Fay for all that you have done over the years and continue to do.

Owing to smaller stalls at the hospital since they resumed post COVID, I am no longer needed to help sell goods.  Instead I have been sewing mainly aprons and soft toys for sale.  I am also lucky to have relatives and friends who have been busy sewing and knitting goods such baby clothes, bears, comfort dolls and Easter chickens for CIKA stalls.  Knitted soft toy Santas and Easter bunnies are very popular.

My cousin, Judith, is a big supporter of CIKA and has the craft group ladies at her retirement village donating beautiful hand-knitted and sewn goods to sell.  Recently one of them donated some commemorative alcohol from her late husband’s bar.  The bottles were auctioned and raffled at a social evening and raised five hundred dollars which was generously donated to CIKA.

Another cousin, Dorothy, is also a CIKA supporter and has donated many sewn articles including baby bibs, rugs and embroidered towel sets.  She has also provided our stalls with handmade jewellery and fabric Christmas trees which, like our Santas and Easter bunnies, are very popular and sell out quickly.

Amongst my friends who work to support CIKA is one from school days who lives in the country and is a very skilled craftswoman.  The beautiful baby clothes and soft toys that she produces are a welcome addition to the range of goods that we sell.

I am very fortunate to have the support of these wonderful ladies who donate so much of their time to make goods to stock our stalls at the RCH and in the Bendigo area, and I am looking forward to more sewing projects for future sale.

Here is Faye with her staunchest supporter, husband Michael.