CIKA and the RCH Biobank

The 2022/2023 edition of “The Impact of Giving” published by the RCH Foundation makes interesting reading and acknowledges the support provided to the RCH and the MCRI by so many organisations and individuals in helping them to become world leaders in the fight against childhood cancer.  Two articles are of particular interest to CIKA and those who have contributed so generously to our fundraising efforts.

The first can be found on page 14.  Here, Louise Ludlow, the CCC Biobank Coordinator, describes the work done by the Biobank and makes particular reference to the cryogenic freezer, the purchase of which was made possible by funds donated by CIKA.  She writes that “The support and donations from CIKA are integral to advancing research into paediatric malignancy.  … We are extremely grateful that this funding of essential equipment allows us to operate in alignment with international biobanking standards.  This equipment is essential for making new discoveries to cure cancer and to prevent the late effects of therapy.  We are extremely grateful for the relentless and tireless work performed by CIKA to achieve these outcomes for our patients.”

This is the fourth cryogenic freezer purchased by the Biobank with help provided by CIKA and our generous supporters. These purchases were made in 2009, 2017, 2018, and 2022.

The second article can be found by clicking here.

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