Bears Like Honey, but CIKA Benefits from Both

Pam Philips has provided us with an update on the fundraising activities that she and her friends have been undertaking for CIKA.

First the honey.  Pam’s friend, Kate Hall, sold sixty seven jars of honey earlier this year after promoting them to her clients on Facebook.  Those of us in the CIKA team who were lucky enough to be able to purchase some rated it excellent and well above supermarket quality.  Like so many others, her business was totally shut down for several months as a result of the covid pandemic, so she advertised honey at $10 per jar with free delivery for three jars or more.  Fortunately three jars became the norm and Kate raised $670 in two days.  More recently, she has donated twenty six jars to Pam who passed them on to another friend to sell in his restaurant and coffee shop in Ringwood north.  They quickly sold out, raising a further $260 for CIKA.

This brings us to the bears.  Yesterday Pam delivered Christmas bears to the same shop, eighteen in total.  Her friend phoned her a few hours later to ask for more as the current group is expected to sell out very quickly at a bargain price of $10.

A big thank you to Pam and her friends, but try to keep the bears away from the honey.