Another Freezer for the RCH

Funding from Susie and Barry Nankervis has allowed the Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank to purchase a -80°C freezer.  This allows storage of samples required for standard clinical care and ethically approved research projects, including clinical trials and translational research projects supported by the Biobank, a world-class resource for researchers studying cancers in children, adolescents and young adults.  It houses an incredibly valuable collection of samples such as solid tumour tissue, blood and bone marrow that have been preserved with the utmost care and dignity for future clinical and research purposes.  Samples are taken from consenting patients, processed and placed into storage where they are then made available for further clinical testing and ethically approved research projects.

The ultimate aim is to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment for children with a wide range of cancers. Tissue samples from cancer patients are invaluable and need to be stored indefinitely so that they can be retested as new knowledge and new technologies become available, hence appropriate storage at low temperature is essential.  We sincerely thank Susie and Barry Nankervis for their generosity in providing funding for our freezer.

A plaque recognises the generosity of the donors.
Left to right: Steve Lehrer (CIKA), Lucia Di Maio (RCH), Susie Nankervis, Sandra Lehrer (CIKA President), Barry Nankervis, Ruth Edelsten (CIKA), Louise Ludlow (Biobank coordinator), John Edelsten, Katie Gill (MCRI).

The freezer was presented to the Biobank and accepted by the Louise Ludlow, the Biobank coordinator, on 9th February 2023.  We at CIKA would like to add out thanks to Susie and Barry for their ongoing support of the Biobank, the RCH and CIKA.

Louise Ludow, right, is seen here with two of her colleagues describing to Susie and Barry the use to which the freezer is already being put.