A Wonderful Gift to CIKA

CIKA is so grateful to Danielle Levy who, with the support of her family, has raised over $5,000 to help us in our fight against childhood cancer. As the date of her Bat Mitzvah drew near, she decided that she would forego gifts and ask, instead, that her friends and relations donate to CIKA in memory of her uncle Simon who fell victim to Hodgkin’s disease in 1996. What a kind and generous decision.

In recognition of Danielle’s achievement, she and her parents, Judith and Marcel, were welcomed to the RCH on Thursday December 5 to be presented with a certificate of thanks for her achievement. This was a great effort, one of which not only Danielle but her entire family should be proud. Thank you Danielle.

It is not too late to add to the amount that Danielle has already raised. To do so, go to her Donate page by clicking here.

Danielle is seen here after the presentation with her father, Marcel, grandparents, Fred and Leah Bergman and mother Judith.

The heading photograph also includes RCH Auxiliaries coordinator, Lucia Di Maio, and CIKA president, Sandra Lehrer who were proud to welcome Danielle to the RCH.