A Beautiful Gift for the CCC

The CIKA committee thrives on the dedication of numerous volunteers, whose contributions are invaluable. We deeply appreciate the array of handmade products donated to us for our stalls and other fundraising events. Among our cherished members is Sala, who has a longstanding friend named Ruth. For seven years, Ruth has been generously providing knitted goods for Sala’s stalls.

Just before the onset of COVID-19, Ruth presented Sala with a special gift: a quilt she had meticulously crafted. This quilt was not just any quilt; it carried words meant to offer positive support to children undergoing cancer treatment.

The story behind the making of this quilt is quite remarkable. During a trip to Philadelphia, Ruth visited an Amish craft shop. Captivated by the uplifting messages on some of the craft patches, she purchased them with the vision of creating a quilt that would inspire and comfort. Upon her return to Australia, Ruth dedicated herself to assembling the quilt and eventually presented it to Sala.

With the easing of hospital restrictions, an opportunity arose for Sala to present this beautiful quilt to Katie Smith, the Unit Manager of the Day Care Cancer Center. Now, this quilt hangs permanently in the Unit, serving as a source of inspiration and strength for the children and their families as they navigate through cancer treatment.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ruth for her longstanding kindness and unwavering support to the Cancer In Kids Auxiliary.

Sala presenting the quilt to Katie.