2015 Wood Days

The twentieth Old Time Wood Days took place in 2015

It was bigger and better than ever, and much enjoyed by everyone who took part, whether a member of the hardworking organising team or an enthusiastic visitor. Here is what return visitor, Tamara Bandy, has to say about this much anticipated event.

So, when my husband said to me ‘you should come down to this kids cancer fundraiser. They chop up wood and work horses like they used too. All while raising money!’ I thought, ‘oh yay’, but I went along to keep him happy and to support the cause. 

Well, aren’t I eating my words now. Alan, Phoenix, Isabelle and I have just been for the third year in a row. And I’ll be honest, it’s usually me who writes it on the calendar a year in advance.

We’ve finally got the weekend down pat. Travel down Friday and pitch the tent. The kids love waking up Saturday morning to the noise of kookaburras, stationary engines gently popping away, and the sound of old chainsaws starting up. As we make our way up to all the action, we are greeted by people who make you feel like you’re part of the family.

It’s so easy to fill in the day, watching the different wood demonstrations, watching the horses, Tiny and Lofty, and devouring the home cooked cakes and biscuits. But, I’d have to say that standing by the fire and watching the blokes cook the damper and preparing the evening meal, is my favourite. And boy it hits the spot! I’m sure it won’t be long until they have to hire security to guard the damper. You can never miss the entertainment that comes along with the evening auction. I’m always too scared to blink in case I end up bidding on something accidentally! But it’s always worth a good laugh and if you’re lucky you can walk away with some great items. Sunday somehow you always manage to come across something that you missed the day before. Sunday night is always the worst part of the weekend, it means it’s time to pack up and go back to reality. But we always drive away knowing that we have played a part in helping raise money for an extremely worthwhile cause. So thank you to Andrew, Christine and all of the rest of the volunteers for putting together such a fantastic weekend. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated. And Alan, sorry for doubting you. I can’t wait until next November, to do it all again.