2009 Wood Days

Wood Days 2009 raised $17,500.60

What an amazing effort by Andrew and Christine. You just keep getting better and better. Well done everyone; we’re all proud of you.

This year’s Wood Days were once again organised by Andrew and Christine Duyvestyn and their group of very willing helpers to raise lots of money for CIKA. They took place on 14th and 15th November at Milltown near Heywood in the Western District, with a lot of interesting things to see and do including: 

working horses;
post and rail fencing being built;
wood being cut for tables with a slab saw;
firewood being cut on a saw bench and with drag saws;
timber being cut with a swing saw.

Everything that was cut was for sale, as was a great range of fruit, vegetables, and other goods.

The Lions Club also cooked up a great b-b-q for lunch both days and the Saturday night feast, cooked in camp ovens (no power involved), was better than ever.

Proudly displaying the 2010 calendar are: (sitting on rail) Lucas Toranto and Mikayla Thomas, (and standing) Cameron Thomas, Nicolas Toranto, Matt Thomas, and Thomas Toranto
in front of Matt.