2009 Lab Day

Many people took advantage of the opportunity to tour the Children’s Cancer Centre Research Laboratories when CIKA organised its annual ‘Lab Day’ on May 31. We were particularly pleased to welcome Lois Tasker and her son Rick. Lois is one of the three founding members of CIKA. She was able to share some great stories of the early CIKA times and was also thrilled to see the work being done today. Small groups of visitors were taken through the lab by Dr Denise Caruso, the lead researcher of the project currently being funded by CIKA. She was ably assisted by Yosuke Minoda. Denise gave us a very simplified explanation of the project highlighting both the achievements to date and also the challenges ahead. It was wonderful to hear of the success so far and the future potential of this work. We were also able to see the dedication Denise and Yosuke have for their work. It further inspired all who attended to continue their commitment to CIKA as we endeavour to raise funds for this and other projects.

Denise demonstrates the centrifuge.