2016 Wood Days

The 2016 Old Time Wood Days took place on 12th and 13th November and Andrew and Christine Duyvestyn are to be congratulated for organising another wonderful Wood Days weekend.

There is an army of people that arrives a week beforehand to assist with the setting up. Another big group arrives on the Friday and it feels like we are in the midst of a small rural community. Planning for this event starts many months in advance and those who have attended can appreciate the level of preparation that is required.

Although it was a very damp weekend, there were record numbers through the gate and camping. There were 164 for dinner on the Saturday night. The event raised over $24,000 and donations are still coming in. CIKA is most grateful to the Duyvestyn family and their helpers for all their hard work in making this event so awesome.

Here is what one enthusiastic visitor had to say about the event. 

For the last two years I have attended the CIKA Wood Days at Mill Town near Mac Arthur. When you first drive down the short lane to enter the area it almost feels like you have truly stepped back in time. I grew up in a time where wood was simply a staple of life, with no electricity or mod cons. Here you experience the same things. A large pit burning wood, a kettle simmering on an open fire, and all manner of things relating to the days of wood. It is almost mesmerising watching old tractor-driven machinery carve out axe handles. Double chainsaws cut large slabs of wood which are sold to raise funds. One man sat on a stool carving out pieces of wood which can be used for cheese boards. Andrew Duyvestyn, his wife Christine, their sons and a large group of CIKA volunteers run the two days. People can camp there. Old tractors with steel spike wheels drag logs out of the bush and Clydesdale horses work alongside. So many items are home made and donated for the stall, along with raffles and an auction. In the evening if you book in you can stay for a wood-fired meal and this year the number who stayed for tea was over 160. This marvellous group has raised so much money in the time they have been running the Wood Days. I hope other people can attend next year and support such a wonderful event for a great cause.