Why We are Here..

CIKA commenced discussions with the RCH about the establishment of the Translational Research Centre in Paediatric Solid Tumours in 2012, which would include the establishment of the Tissue Bank.  CIKA made the commitment to funding this centre in 2013, and the Tissue Bank commenced sample collection in 2014.

CIKA’s initial commitment to the Translational Research Centre was $520,000 over 3 years, 2013-2016.  CIKA then committed additional funding of $115,000 to cover the cost of establishing an out of hours roster for tissue collection.

In 2016, CIKA committed to another $500,000 of funding for the tissue bank.  This grant runs through to July 2019.

The total funds invested by CIKA in just this project since 2013 are $1.2 million.

As a supporter of CIKA, you can feel justly proud of what, with your help, is being achieved. Thank you.