Research Report 2007 – Dendritic Cells Study

The Dendritic Cells (DCs) study was conducted under the direction of Dr Denise Caruso.  This study leveraged results found in earlier vaccine studies, and had the aim of identifying why cancer patients become immunodeficient.  Improving patients’ immune systems enables them to complete their prescribed course of treatment with fewer delays, thus giving them a better chance of arresting the cancer growth, and achieving remission from solid tumours.

During the study, the researchers processed and analysed 175 samples (80 in the year ended 30 June 2007) and achieved their recruitment goals.  This number of samples has enabled them to obtain statistical significance between disease groups (i.e., normals vs solid tumour group).  Analysis of the data by disease groups shows:
Children with solid tumours have impaired immune function;
Children with solid tumours have reduced numbers of DCs.

The findings of the study:
are unique in the field (this has never been investigated before);
are highly relevant to paediatric oncology;
have important consequences for novel treatments to retard tumour growth and fight against infections;
are being submitted for publication in a top peer reviewed journal;
will be incorporated in the new clinical trials.