More CIKA Champions

Julie and Sam Casilli were presented with the CIKA Champions award late last year in recognition of their long and ongoing participation in fundraising for CIKA.

We value the energy and enthusiasm that they show in their participation in many of the larger functions and their continued assistance with the fundraising that we are currently undertaking.

Congratulations Julie and Sam.  Here is what Julie wrote to explain the reason for their membership of CIKA.

Sam and I joined CIKA in 1996. Our son Sam had just finished a course of chemotherapy for Ewing Sarcoma. Knowing that we were amongst the lucky ones whose child had survived, we wanted to give back to the RCH and help those sadly following in our footsteps. At times it was challenging as we just wanted to remove ourselves from the heartache when it didn’t work out the way we all hoped for, for the children of other CIKA members, but  we could see the progress CIKA was making and the friendships that were formed kept us going.

You can read Sam’s story, written in his own words, here.