Acquittal report 2019

The Solid Tumour Study Co-ordinator is a key enabler in advancing research into solid tumours.  The role facilitates solid tumour patients at the RCH being given the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.  The trials undertaken cover a broad range of cancers.  This is in line with CIKA’s objective of funding research that encompasses all solid tumours,  and has the potential to benefit children currently undergoing treatment.

CIKA again funded the Solid Tumour Study Co-ordinator in the 2017-18 funding year, in the amount of $93,094. The Key Perfomance Indicators (KPI’s) for this funding, and the outcomes achieved are as follows.

KPI 1: Maintain a portfolio of solid tumour clinical trials from the Children’s Oncology Group (COG)
Four studies are currently open and recruiting, three with the COG and a fourth with a collaborative group.
Five studies are now closed to recruitment but patients are still on follow up (4 COG and 1 collaborative group studies).
Two new studies currently going through governance are expected to open within six months (one COG and one collaborative group). Both of these studies are expected to be high recruiting.

KPI 2: To have an increasing number of children enrolled in clinical trials year-on-year.
Despite the closure to recruitment in March 2018 of one of the highest-recruiting studies, enrolments increased from 2017 to 2018. This was partly due to the opening of two new studies. Enrolment numbers in 2019 are projected to increase further with stable enrolment across the pre-existing open studies in addition to opening two additional studies within six months.

KPI 3: Maintain an enrolment rate of 94% when we have a clinical trial available.
100% of children eligible for clinical trials in this portfolio have been approached for consent. Only one patient declined participation in the trial, which brings the percentage to 92%.