MLC Student Visit to the RCH

Students at Methodist Ladies’ College in Kew have supported CIKA for many years and 2019 is no exception.  Their fundraising efforts this year resulted in the presentation of substantial cheque in support of our goal of funding research to find a cure for childhood cancer.  For this reason we are delighted that those year nine students who have worked so hard on our behalf were recently able to spend a morning visiting the RCH where they had a hands-on experience during their tour of the research laboratories with tumour bank coordinator, Dr Louise Ludlow.  Part of their time there was spent preparing slides under Louise’s supervision.

We are grateful to Louise for the time that she spent with the students and to the students, their teacher Deb Hudson, and their school for the support that we receive from them.

The students are seen here with their teacher, Deb Hudson (left), Lucia Di Maio (RCH Auxiliaries Administration Officer) and Louise Ludlow (right).
Down the microscope.