Lois has supported CIKA for many years. Like many of our helpers she has shunned publicity, preferring to contribute her time and energy without the expectation of recognition. Nevertheless we are extremely grateful to her for all that she has done, particularly in assisting Pam Phillips in the running of her highly successful market stalls. Here is a short note that she wrote for us recently.


First it is off to the shops to buy the best quality fabric at the cheapest price.  Oh! How we girls love a sale!  Then home again to wash the fabrics and cut out the dresses.  I like to make them by piece work.  Cut, sew, turn out and hand press, hand sew the gap, iron, welt the seam and make the buttonholes;, then, last of all, sew on the buttons by hand, iron ready for the market and put on labels.  Now we are ready to go.

The fun starts at the stall.  Pam brings along her dresses and Barbara’s party dresses to add to the choice and then we do our best to sell, sell, sell.  Every time a dress is sold we all say “There goes another one”.  They say, “It is better to give than to receive.”   By making these dresses I can see that as well as raising money for CIKA cancer research, you receive an abundance of pleasure seeing your work go to another family and that family then receives the pleasure of knowing they have given a donation to a very worthy cause.

I am lucky to have two healthy boys for which I am forever grateful.


Thank you Lois for your work on behalf of CIKA.