Ellen Webb – 25 Years of Service

In March I received a 25 year long service award from the Royal Childrens Hospital, for my
service with Cancer in Kids@RCH (CIKA), and I have been reflecting on what being involved with
CI(KA has meant to me.

I joined CIKA after my beloved first born son Brian died of neuroblastoma. After Brian died I was so
lost and angry, but, as I had my baby son Andrew, I knew I had to find a way to keep going. I wanted
to find hope for the future, and I was determined to do something to fight back against this terrible

I am proud of the achievements of CIKA. We have raised many millions of dollars for research,
increased awareness of solid tumours, and funded many projects. The projects that stand out for me
are the immunotherapy in the early 2000’s which led to what is now mainstream treatment, and the
funding of the Biobank. The Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank holds hundreds of tumour specimens,
which are essential for research into childhood tumours, and these samples have been part of
research carried out across the globe.

The members of CIKA are all passionate about raising money for cancer research, and being involved
with them is uplifting, and has allowed me to be involved in fun activities, trivia nights, dog shows,
Coach Drive, Balls, Wood Days, and many more.

I have made great friends through being involved with CIKA, and I have felt their heartache as their
children battled ongoing side effects. Being involved with CIKA has enabled me to learn so much
more about childhood cancer. Supporting CIKA has been a way of life for my family, and it has
enabled us to keep Brian’s memory alive whilst doing something positive.

A lot has changed in 25 years, but unfortunately children are still getting cancer. Whilst treatment
has advanced, and outcomes have improved, there is still so much to do.