Audrey and Carol

Mother and daughter, Audrey and Carol, live together and have been knitting and crocheting for charity for almost their entire lifetimes. Audrey who is 86 years old started knitting scarves and beanies for soldiers in WW2. Carol was inspired by her Mum and remembers knitting her first jumper when she was in grade 4 (at about nine years old) and has been knitting and crocheting ever since.

Carol works full time and takes her crocheting with her each day, to work on during her lunch break. Then in the evenings whilst sitting in front of the television together, they knit and crochet away, creating exquisite baby clothes, toddlers’ jumpers and cardigans, and baby rugs and shawls. Many of these items have ended up on the CIKA stall at the RCH, raising money for research and equipment. 

As well as the pleasure that they gain by making this wonderful contribution, their tireless and continuous efforts over the years are much appreciated by all. We are sure the recipients of any of their beautifully crafted garments are also pleased to have received them. Thank you Audrey and Carol.