Acquittal report 2018

Here is an extract from an acquittal report from the CCC tissue bank detailing key performance indicators.

Key performance Indicator 1: To bank all paediatric solid and liquid tumour samples from patients presenting to the CCC.
Regular audits are conducted using Multi-disciplinary team meeting notes which outline new diagnoses. This ensures all newly diagnosed and relapsed patients are approached and offered participation in the CCC Tissue Bank.

Key performance Indicator 2: To increase the number of samples disseminated for ethically approved eligible translational research projects. The number of samples has increased and is currently servicing nineteen active translational research projects and an additional project currently in the planning phase.

Key performance Indicator 3: To provide samples for clinical research purposes, including the development of novel molecular testing approaches. There were numerous recalls of banked material by Anatomical Pathology and Cell Therapy and Flow Cytometry for further diagnostic and molecular testing.  The Tissue Bank is a core enabling platform that allows the CCC and MCRI to perform world class research and knowledge transfer to improve the care for paediatric patients.  The CCC has an active research arm for international collaborative large scale clinical trials and our Tissue Bank provides sample processing and storage to ensure that these valuable resources are available for research purposes internationally.  Examples of clinical trials that could not operate without the assistance of the Tissue Bank include PRecISion Medicine for Children with Cancer (PRISM), a multicentre study conducted under the Zero Childhood Cancer Program representing Australian’s first personalised medicine program for children with high-risk or relapsed cancer.

Integrating genomic sequencing into clinical care: a demonstration evaluation for advanced solid tumour cancers, iPREDICT in collaboration with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance.