A Welcome Collaboration

A recent collaboration between CIKA and Absent Friends has enabled the continued funding of the Solid Tumour Coordinator at the RCH. This person plays an important role in advancing research into solid tumours. The role facilitates solid tumour patients at the RCH being given the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. The trials undertaken cover a broad range of cancers. This is in line with CIKA’s objective of funding research that encompasses all solid tumours, and has the potential to benefit children currently undergoing treatment.

The current restrictions have severely limited our ability to raise funds, but a discussion between CIKA President, Sandra Lehrer, and RCH Auxiliaries Administrator, Lucia Di Maio, resulted in Sandra being put in touch with Lyn Lewis, the Founder and current President of the Absent Friends Auxiliary.

As a consequence, CIKA’s contribution of $44,443,60 to this initiative was more than matched by an incredibly generous donation of $54,319.40 from Lyn’s Auxiliary. CIKA is most grateful for this.

Lyn is the owner of a business in Hamilton and the collaboration between Absent Friends and CIKA resulted in a report in The Spectator which provides important local news to residents in the Greater Hamilton Area. Thanks to the paper’s Editor, Tara Fry, we are able to provide a link to this report written by Journalist, Allanah Sciberras.

You can visit the Absent Friends website by clicking here.

Lyn (top left) is seen here with local CIKA members Christine and Andrew Duyvestyn. Photo courtesy of The Spectator.