We Cooked with Lucia

The CIKA team is always looking for new and different ways to fundraise. Following a conversation with Luca Di Maio, the auxiliaries coordinator at the RCH, plans were laid for a cooking and food journey with Lucia.

Saturday July 27 saw a group of ten guests gather at the home of Rachell, a long-time CIKA supporter.  Participants were soon at work making bread, pizza and pasta.  They then moved on to the preparation of a yummy sauce with meatballs.  While they were hard at work, Lucia wove stories of her life as a new wife and mother living in rural Italy for five years.

When all was prepared, participants were rewarded with a delicious meal followed by delicious desserts donated by CIKA member Dean Duyvestyn from duyvoscookingconcepts.

After a very satisfying day in Rachell’s kitchen, and replete from the results of their labours, the guests went home with fresh bread and pasta to share with the families together with goodie bags containing wine, marinated olives provided by Sandra and Steven Lehrers from and a CIKA apron, together with recipe to try out at home.

We are grateful to Lucia and Rachell and can report that the participants are looking forward to more of these events.