More Support from MLC

The students and staff of Methodist Ladies’ College in Kew have supported CIKA for many years.  You can read more about this by clicking here.

One of their longest-standing and most successful initiatives has been “Young Entrepreneurs”, formerly called “Cooking for Cash” which started in 2006 as the result of the enthusiasm of former MLC staff member and CIKA newsletter editor, Colleen Clift.  This year, things have been rather different thanks to the restrictions on everyone’s lives due to the covid pandemic.  The difficulties that this has presented have not prevented the wonderful MLC students from continuing this support, albeit in a different and highly creative way.  This is how their Home Economics teacher, Debbie Hudson, described their fundraising initiative.

My wonderful Melbourne Term Home Economics class put their thinking caps on and we came up with the recipe book idea. They each contributed their most favourite sweet, and their most favourite savoury recipe and we put them all together as we were unable to make and sell foods as we normally do for our fund raising.  Some of the girls were ‘travel restricted’ and were logging on for classes from Hong Kong and China (5 girls out of the 22 in the class this time) and even they contributed, which is pretty amazing.

We sold the books to staff here at MLC and each had to each find at least one ‘client’ to sell to.  One student took ten for her dad to sell at his medical practice so they were very committed to the cause!  I am really proud of them especially in such difficult times for everyone.  Our total of $470 wasn’t as high as previous years but exceeded what we thought we might get!

We at CIKA are so grateful for the support that we receive from Deb and her students and commend them for their initiative.