Looking ahead to 2014

New Tissue Bank Coordinator, Louise Ludlow, wasted little time in updating CIKA on changes at the CCC. Here is what she wrote in November 2013.

Many CIKA supporters will be familiar with the cancer research laboratories which were housed in the new wing of the old Royal Children’s Hospital on level 6. You may be surprised to learn this laboratory space remains intact and can now be accessed by airbridge from the 5th Floor of the new Royal Childrens Hospital. Early this month laboratories were cleared for use and the solid tumour research staff are preparing the laboratory area and optimising tissue processing procedures in preparation for operation in 2014 – it is good to be back!

In summary, it has been a busy few months for the team and we are well poised for a productive start to 2014. We look forward to updating CIKA supporters on the success of our ethics applications which will mark a new era in tissue collection and greatly enhance our research capability.

Finally, our team is dedicated to making discoveries to improve the lives of children affected by solid tumours, through generating new knowledge that will inform better diagnosis, treatment and care. This we could not do without your support. Thank you; together we can make a difference.