Lady Marmalade and Geoff

Margaret and Geoff Greenwood have personally raised in excess of $150,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital.  They made a wonderful team and were an integral part of CIKA for more than fifteen years.  Margaret was well known to many staff of the RCH for her delicious jams and chutneys. She also made, and still makes, lovely aprons and beautifully presented handkerchiefs.  Unfortunately Geoff passed away some two years ago and Margie no longer has her stalls with the CIKA girls but her aprons and handkerchiefs are showcased on all of the stalls that Pam, Lois and Anne run at the RCH and The Pines shopping centre.

Some years ago Margaret won the Madge Tate award at the RCH, which is the highest award presented annually to an auxiliary member who has achieved extraordinary things for the hospital.

CIKA is very proud to acknowledge Margaret as part of our team and we acknowledge the huge part Geoff played each and every month at the CIKA stalls.

Margaret and Geoff