Acquittal report 2017

CIKA received a grant acquittal report form the Children’s Cancer Centre tissue bank in February 2018. Here is a summary of its contents.

Throughout this past year the Tissue Bank has continued to build a world class tumour tissue bank to facilitate translational research to implement a precision approach to treating paediatric cancer patients.  The projects objectives are:

• To process and store all available tissues collected from consenting participants;
• To increase the number of samples disseminated for eligible translational research projects;
• To increase the number of specimens processed and provided to facilitate patient participation in international clinical trials.

There has been an increased and improved distribution of samples as part of ongoing support for international clinical trial applications,  Novel clinical molecular testing and local, national and international translational research projects.

The report goes on to detail the partnership between the CCC and the MCRI to improve outcomes for children diagnosed with cancer. Then follows a list of ongoing projects and those planned for 2017.

Finally it reports a minor project variation approved by the RCH Foundation.