A Generous Donation

Nellie Bateman indulged her passion for square dancing for many, many years during which she could be seen in action two or three times a week at dances in Bendigo and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the groups of which she was a member gradually closed down so that she was forced to give up her beloved dancing. This left her with the question of what to do with wardrobes of square dancing outfits. She made the generous decision to donate them to CIKA by handing them over to Ruth Edelsten who could arrange their sale to contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Ruth discussed Nellie’s donation with Barb Winsor who lives in nearby Sandhurst. Barb offered them as a bulk deal on a Melbourne website which resulted in their sale to a Dancing School in Berwick. As a consequence, CIKA was the recipient of a healthy donation.

We are very grateful to these two wonderful ladies.

Colourful costumes.