2011 Lab Day

Every two years the CIKA team, along with lead researcher Dr Denise Caruso, opens the doors to the cancer research laboratory at the Royal Children’s Hospital here in Melbourne to allow the many people who support CIKA to see for themselves what they have helped to provide by their generosity and hard work. This is always a wonderful opportunity not only to visit the laboratory but to talk to the doctors involved in the important work of finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Laboratory tours were conducted half hourly and were headed by Denise and fellow scientist Yosuke Minoda. We welcomed over sixty guests, many from our existing support groups, and also new CIKA supporters. A special thanks to the groups of students from two Melbourne secondary schools who are looking forward to adding their help to our fundraising.

We were particularly pleased that many of the guests spent time after the tours to talk to the CIKA team and to enjoy afternoon tea with the group.